Acetyl L Carnitine vs L Carnitine For Weight Loss

Are you confused about the role of amino acids in your diet?

The facts are that these acids are instrumental to just about every dimension of your health. From your muscles, skin, to even your hair follicles, they are the building blocks to your longevity. However, not all amino acids are equal. L-Carnitine, especially Acetyl-L-Carnitine may be the most important of them all. In addition to fat burning and boosting athletic performance, new research suggests that Acetyl-L-Carnitine can also boost cognitive performance.

The bad news is that L-Carnitine is found in only small amounts from animal meats such as poultry, chicken and beef. It is available in concentrated capsule form.

The difference between acetyl l carnitine vs L carnitine

Although these two supplements are derived from the same amino acid (carnitine), acetyl l carnitine (ALCAR) and L carnitine are two distinct and different supplements altogether. Their structures are also similar but they display certain key differences. Their differences are observed in terms of their mechanism of action and the benefits they confer to the body. Below are the key differences between ALCAR and l carnitine.

l L carnitine is a nutrient that helps the body with various internal systems. In the cells, this nutrient helps transports fatty acids from the food we eat to the mitochondria of the cells.

l ALCAR is a nutrient that the body uses to improve energy output, support and improve the brains health. It also adds a person’s life extension.

l Both L carnitine and ALCAR are the same amino acid but they exist in different forms. In terms of mechanisms of actions they both work differently. For example, L carnitine is widely used by athletes and body builders. This is mainly it has energy converting effects.

l  ALCAR, is the processed version of L carnitine. What makes it different from L carnitine is the fact that it effectively crosses the blood brain barrier. This ability is a result of the added acetyl group. It is known to improve cognitive functioning and the brain’s health.

Best time to take acetyl l carnitine

When one wants to improve his/her cognitive processes such as memory, alertness, focus and learning it would be advisable to use this supplement. ALCAR, is the acetylated or processed version of L carnitine. This forms enables it to effectively cross the blood brain barrier, this greatly helps the functioning of a person’s brain. ALCAR is efficient in boosting the brain’s energy metabolism which ultimately results in the improvement of all cognitive functions of the brain.

People looking to remove lipofuscin and damaged fats are also advised to use this supplement. Lipofuscin contains, sugars, oxidated fatty acids and metals which include aluminum and mercury. There are several diseases that are caused by the accumulation of lipofuscin, these diseases include Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and lateral sclerosis etc.

Studies have shown that ALCAR can protect the brain’s nerve cells in instances where it lacks oxygen.

Advantages of taking Acetyl l carnitine with Alpha lipoic acid

 Studies have shown that a combination of Alpha Lipoic acid and ALCAR greatly aid neurons in maintaining optimum energy levels and also rejuvenate brains that are aging. The two nutritional supplements act on the mitochondria. Research has shown that the ageing process plays a big role in damaging the mitochondria.

Alpha Lipoic Acid works incredibly well as an antioxidant agent in diseases that are neurodegenerative due to its ability to interrupt free radical damage at various points.

These two nutritional supplements also minimize oxidative stress and improve the general functioning of the mitochondria. A combination of the ALCAR and Alpha Lipoic acid is beneficial to people suffering from metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a condition where the body becomes resistant to insulin; this resistance is closely associated with hypertension. A combination of the nutritional supplements helps the body become insulin sensitive thereby, it contains an anti-hypertensive effect.

A combination of these two supplements is also great in treating nerve pain and damage. This is caused by diabetes and diabetic neuropathy.

l  Acetyl l carnitine dosage for weight loss and blood pressure

Studies have shown that ALCAR may have an effect of lowering the blood pressure of a person suffering from high blood pressure. The lowered blood pressure is a result of an increase of the diameter of the brachial artery. The recommended dosage for ALCAR in the treatment of blood pressure is 2000mg-3000mg.

In regards to weight loss, ALCAR operates by increasing a person’s muscle while at the same time reducing fat in the body. It also helps people feel less tired or fatigued, all this operate to improve weight loss results. ALCAR is popular among athletes and body builders because it of its ability to burn fat without causing muscle wasting. This supplement can modestly improve a person’s ability to burn fat because it aids in the transportation of free fatty acids to the mitochondria of the cells.

Mitochondrion breaks down fatty acids and fat in a process known as oxidation. This process makes it easy for the mitochondria to convert fats into energy. The energy exists in molecules known as ATP. The role of ALCAR in weight loss is to force more fatty acids in the mitochondria so as to burn them off. Fats are normally not taken to the mitochondria automatically carnitine has to be there for their transportation. The prescribed dosage for ALCAR in weight loss is 2000mg- 3000mg per day.

Acetyl l carnitine dosage for nerve pain and nerve damage.

Nerves are extremely difficult to treat because nerve cells do not divide or split. The solution is either new nerves form or those that are injured be healed. The process of forming new nerves or healing nerves is long and in most cases it is never done completely.

ALCAR may be used in reducing the symptoms of nerve damage and pain. It is especially effective in combating nerve pain. The supplement aids in regeneration of nerve fiber and vibration perception in people suffering from nerve damaged nerves and painful nerves.

Neuropathic pain has many terrible complications which may lead to someone being disabled. The pain is as a result of injury to the nerves. A neurotransmitter known as glutamate is actively involved in pain transmission including the neuropathic kind. Proteins known as glutamate receptors bind themselves to glutamate in order to support its functions.

Neuropathic and inflammatory pain can be reduced by activating these receptors. ALCAR helps reduce nerve pain by activating with these glutamate receptors to relieve neuropathic pain effectively.

ALCAR aids in peripheral neuropathy by reducing nerve pain and supporting the regeneration of nerves. ALCAR also helps greatly in the restoration of nerve functions and protects the body from neurotoxicity. The recommended dosage for treating nerve pain and nerve damage is 1500mg- 2000mg

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