Finally Some Exciting News About Brain Nutrition

Did you know that there are proven strategies to promote the longevity of your brain. In addition to sleep and exercise, there are some EXCITING herbs and amino acids that have been studied extensively and recommended repeatedly for brain longevity, focus and long term health.

In fact, Botanica Research, a company that has been involved in Brain and Sleep Research for over 10 years, has recently formulated Neurozest, a powerful blend of brain supporting ingredients to help you focus and concentration as you age.

The first one is Phosphatidylserine, or PS, a powerful amino acid that by itself has been a part of 64 studies and has helped seniors with memory recall, improved vocabulary, judgement and critical reasoning.

In addition to PS, we have Vinpocetine, a herbal extract that according to the University of Surrey, increases blood flow and circulation to the brain for better concentration and memory.

Finally, we have Bacopa Monniera, an ayurvedic herb from India that is known to support memory function and effective in aiding learning by reducing anxiety. In a study by the University of Michigan Health System, Bacopa was instrumental in providing critical mood support in patients by reducing both depression and anxiety levels.

Neurozest combines these 3 special ingredients into A Potent Formula That Supports Your Brain in its Constant Pursuit To

  • Retrieve Information Faster,
  • Pick New Concepts Up Quicker
  • All While Maintaining A Higher Energy Level.

Try it for yourself. As part of a launch special on, we are offering a special launch price. Pick it up at 50% off for the next 72 hours as we plan to raise the price shortly thereafter.

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